Work With Me

Please get in touch if you have any questions or opportunities for me as a chef, consultant and writer. I’m also very active in the tourism and travel space. I’d consider most opportunities that I believe would interest my followers. Products that are food, chef, travels, culture, nutrition & wellness related.


All of the written and photographic content on the “Island Chef Kitchen” site is written by myself. On a very rare occasion I will use a picture of a venue – in the instance when my own hasn’t turned out due to unavailability or bad result, etc and I will credit the owner of the photo. If you wish to use one of my photos, permission MUST be obtained by myself.

All of the posts are reflective of my personal experience. I don’t usually visit restaurants specifically to write recommendations. I’m usually socialising with friends and family. I’ve always loved to tell friends of our dining discoveries and the blog is an extension of this.

Whilst I like to keep the posts positive, I certainly have my own opinion and I will definitely share this – good or bad! If our overall experience is bad though – I simply will not blog about it. I take venues for what they are; a casual family restaurant, takeaway or local pub is not comparable with a high end restaurant – but I still may enjoy both. I alter my expectations depending on where we visit. As long as it’s tasty, fresh, clean, has good service, an inviting atmosphere and not taking the P in terms of price, then I’m happy!

Sponsored and Invited Posts

Occasionally I write blog posts where I have been compensated by way of event invitations, complimentary meals etc. When I have been remunerated in this way, I will ALWAYS indicate in the blog post that I have been invited or gifted a product. This is to give the blog as much transparency as possible.

Island Chef Kitchen – MEDIA KIT

Want to know more about my Island Chef Kitchen site services? My media kit is available on request.